Sales & Finance

We have delivered almost 2500 fresh calved heifers and young cows to the U.K. in the last year (2017).

We encourage all customers to come and select their preferred animals on our farm where we can provide exact calving dates and daily milk yields. After selection is made and all relevant tests carried out, we will transport the animals direct to the customers farm on EU approved export trucks.

All our animals come from a TB free herd, and are subject to an additional stringent test prior to being exported out of Ireland. Our animals are also free from BVD and can be provided with EBI reports if needed.

A lot of our customers choose to take an early morning flight to Dublin, where they are collected by us and taken to the yard to see the animals of their choice being milked. They are returned back to the airport, with the whole process being completed within the day.

For those people with limited time, we now have a farm in South West Wales where we always have good quantities of freshly calved UK and Irish heifers and cows that are available for immediate selection and delivery.

We have supplied customers lots from 2 to 250 animals at a time and we pride ourselves on being able to cater for all customer’s needs big or small.

German high yielding heifers

We have freshly calved German heifers available for immediate selection. Select them on our farm in Ireland with immediate delivery to the UK. These animals were transported to us early in pregnancy, where we calve them here. Our experience has shown that travelling the short distance from Ireland to the UK when freshly calved leaves the animals in better condition than the journey direct from Germany. These heifers are ideal for high yielding herds as they have been fed the correct diet in the 2 months prior to calving and then immediately put on a high performance diet (TMR) once they have calved. We find this ensures they are at their full potential shortly after arriving on your farm,

Finance – long & short term

Finance is available, purchase now and choose to pay over 3 years (36 monthly payments) or over 2-6 months. Finance is secured on the purchased cows only. Please contact us for further information, alternatively call Colm on 00353 87299 7108.

Finance can be offered on lots of all sizes, from 4 animals upwards.

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Video of August 2018 calving heifers



April 2016 Photos

January 2016 Photos

 60 Incalf Danish Jerseys for sale. 1st, 2nd & 3rd calvers available. Calving from mid March 2016.

 September 2015

 July 2015

  • These 2 lots were all animals that have calved on our farm in the last 3 weeks

  • We have many more, of all types, calving every week

  •  There is also high yielding German heifers available

 April 2015